mjm458 AT cornell.edu

Hello everyone.

I am Mike McCourt, a research engineer at SigOpt. This website is meant to compile stuff that I have done into one location. Previously, I have kept content at numerous sources, and it has finally become necessary to organize it.

My research areas include kernel methods (for numerical analysis, spatial statistics and machine learning), Bayesian optimization, and matrix computations. I love collaborating with specialists in all sorts of applications (materials science, healthcare, team management, electrical engineering) because I love seeing mathematics put to work.

SigOpt has been my home for nearly 7 years now, and I cannot thank enough Scott (CEO) and Patrick (CTO) for bringing me on board. After being acquired by Intel in 2020, some of us have gone our separate ways, but I will always value the incredible time we had together. Prior to joining SigOpt, I was a postdoc at the University of Colorado-Denver and a lab grad student at Argonne MCS division.

When I'm not researching or working, I enjoy traveling, whiskey, sports (watching and playing), video games, 中文, breakfast.